In both Design and Consultation work I follow a number of Guiding Principles:


  • Right Plant, Right Place, Right material, Right Place  - Planting designs are based on soil type, drainage, light levels and other site specifics for optimum health and growth. Materials are carefully chosen to fit the reality of the site - contours, moisture and light levels


  • Client Satisfaction - I encourage clients to provide as detailed a brief as possible - from colours, style, use, level of maintenance etc. My aim is to help people create spaces they will love  - whether you want some practical advice in realising your own vision, or would rather I do the dreaming for you


  • Respect for the Environment - I will always work in the best interests of wildlife e.g. care of soil, nesting times, maximising drainage. While not strictly an organic gardener, I do try to create good cultural conditions to control pests, weeds and disease e.g. through encouraging beneficial predatory wildlife, following appropriate pruning, weeding and lawn care regimes which stop problems taking hold


  • Harmony - The most successful and sustainable designs are site specific and client specific. The most beautiful garden designs harmonise with the wider environment, considering the history, ecology and materials of the local landscape. Here are some examples of designs that inspire me: 



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