Small bog border and wildlife pond - Summer 2017

Planting Designs Summer 2017

Planting Plans - Spring 2017

Garden Renovation - First Stage: Weeding, pruning and rescuing existing plants


Weeds and indistinct boundaries




Less than a month after some careful weeding, pruning and edging, the lovely plants hidden in the garden were revealed.

Next Stage: Planning the planting for the gaps and some elements to improve the garden's flow and accessibility. Watch this space!



Planting Design proposal

Hertfordshire Garden - replanting  October 2016


The Leylandii hedging was dying out at the base. The soil was depleted of nutrients. Soil improver would need to be incorporated before re-planting with dry shade tolerant plants.




As the Leylandii hedge plants had become tall trees they were no longer fulfilling their role as a privacy screen.





An Acer needed liberating from the trees. 




Willow screening installed by Chris Milner of Milnscapes to wind between the trimmed back Leylandii tree trunks. With the soil improved a selection of dry shade tolerant perennials could be planted.




With privacy secured a golden stemmed bamboo was planted between the Acer and camellia in one of the clients' pots. the lower level planting in between consists of perennials with contrasting foliage shapes and colours. The new turf was edged.




A potted black stemmed bamboo contrasts with the smart white paving and creates a focal point closer to the house.



My winning design for a new outdoor space at RHS Hyde Hall, 2016. A competition judged by Chelsea Gold winner Adam Frost


Planting Designs

Garden Design Project at Writtle College 2016

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